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meet the Faculty

The best teachers are those
who show you where to look but don't tell you what to see. -Alexandra K. Trenfor

Kioa Delos Reyes – Director

Kioa is the founder and director of Lost Tribe Dance Studio.

Kioa started dancing at the age of 17.  Although he got a late start, he rapidly gained favor within his first year of dance by joining a hip hop academy, teaching workshops at BYU-Idaho, and winning different competitions.  Being a freestyle dancer first, he was able to create content and learn multiple styles before getting into the choreography world.

He has also trained in other styles of dance including Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, World, and Polynesian styles.  He has become very well rounded which has helped him create award winning hip hop choreography for many studios and schools across the nation. His crews have opened up for many different names like The Beach Boys JABBAWOCKEEZ.  Dance has allowed him to travel all over the nation and to different countries like Canada, Costa Rica, and Panama.

When not at the studio, he enjoys spending time with his family (Wife and three daughters), playing volleyball, and cooking delicious meals.

Classes he is teaching:

  • Delta Force Crew
  • Rogue Nation Crew
  • Snow Pack Crew

Jordan Nestman – Instructor

Jordan Nestman has been dancing for a little over eight years and it started with a middle school ballroom team. After that he joined a group/class at his high school that focused on the choreography of musicals and the choreographers. Jordan did some choreography for the high school musical and some for the class he joined.

In college at BYU-I he has participated in Dance Alliance for the past five years. Today he has been at Lost Tribe for over two years teaching the boy’s program. Popping is the style of which he does the most and he would consider himself a freestyle dancer.

Classes he is teaching:

  • Boys 2
  • Lost Boys Crew

McKenna Luthy – Instructor

McKenna Luthy has been dancing for the last 14 years.  She has danced for Dance Addiction (Rexburg) and for Lost Tribe Dance.  She loves dancing and loves teaching her kids how to move their bodies and fall in love with the art.  Watching their growth has a tender spot in her heart.  She has had two hip correction surgeries but nothing stops her from sharing this love with all of her students.  She is attending massage therapy school in Rexburg and is excited to work with your kids this upcoming season.

Classes she is teaching:

  • Girls 1
  • Girls 2
  • Hip Hop 3

Bronson Leatham – Instructor

Bronson Leatham has been dancing for four years and has been dancing with the tribe for that entire time and loves it.  He has also spent some time in the acting realm and enjoys fashion, art, and design.  Bronson is 16 years old and will be going into his junior year of high school.  He currently dances on the Snow Pack Crew at Lost Tribe Dance and can’t wait to work with your kids.

Classes he is teaching:

  • Boys 1
  • The Pride Crew

Meikel Mortensen – Operations Manager

Meikel was born and raised in Rexburg and has always had a passion for dance of all kinds. She has been a student, teacher, studio owner, and is currently Operations Manager at the Lost Tribe Hip Hop Studio. ” I believe dance can have such a strong positive impact and I love the way that the hip hop style specifically, encourages self expression.” Meikel is the mother of four crazy kids and is married to the love of her life.